09/07/2018 - "Splash mob" campaigns for water to return to public control

waterProtestors held a splashmob in London last Friday to demand the return of the England’s water industry to public ownership after approximately 30 years of privatisation.


The We Own It campaign wants the water industry to be returned to public ownership, with no compensation for the privateers.


Campaigners held a “circus of privatised water” on London’s Southbank — a splashmob highlighting the failures of the water profiteers.


We Own It director Cat Hobbs said: “Water belongs to us in the first place and should never have been privatised. 83 percent of us want to take our water back. The only question is when and how.


“If anything, the water companies should be compensating us, the public, for their astonishingly bad track record over the past 30 years.

“We’re not asking them to deal with their debt mountain of £42 billion. We’re not asking them to return the profits they’ve made at our expense of £1.8bn a year.

“We’re not asking them to return the tax they’ve dodged. We’re not asking them to compensate us for the damage they’ve done to our rivers and wildlife. We’re not asking them to pay us back for increasing our bills by 40 percent. 
“We’ll settle for zero compensation.”


Ownership of water supply was snatched from the public and privatised by the Thatcher regime in 1989. At a stroke England’s most vital service was twisted into a source of private profit.


Since then water companies have raised prices by 40 percent in real terms and generated billions of pounds in profits from people’s need for water.